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Regional contacts

Cross Mentoring Germany with local partners
If you would like more to know about our products, short, efficient and authentic through cross mentoring experts from involved companies, please contact our Cross Mentoring coordinators in several regions of Germany.

area coordinator CMD tel. @ companies languages
 area of Bremen/Hamburg  Stefan Mahrdt M+49/172 3716 405  Deutsche Bank  g/e.
 area of Hannover/Braunschweig  Ilona Offermann  M+49/162 9279337  Deutsche Münze   g/e.
 area of Nordrhein/ Westfalen  Michael Wichmann  M+49/151 16724069  BLG   g/e./esp.
 area of Frankfurt  Andrea Michel  M+49/172 7468084  PepsiCO   g/e.
 area of Berlin/Dresden/Leipzig  Uwe Seidel  M+49/160 90822501  SAP   g/e.