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Mentor and mentee meet 12 times in the year and work on specific issues from the mentee’s everyday leadership experience. In this process the mentors take on the task of contributing appropriate examples from their subjective point of view whereby the mentees can attain major gains in learning. Always keeping the interests of the mentees in mind, mentors give their support by means of confrontation but also empathy and humour. Mentors present questions in the form of a “Socratic dialogue”, highlighting new perspectives which broaden the mentees scope of action. Results from the mentee workshops (in total 4 per year) and the mentor workshops (in total 2 per year) are also integrated into the work in tandem. Mentees take responsibility for the work contents and corresponding questions, mentors offer themselves as sparring partners with technical and human experience, who can also sometimes offer a “strong shoulder” to lean on or present themselves as “people with perfectly normal faults”.