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The choice of mentees is based on the internal company criteria of each company applying to participate in the Cross Mentoring Deutschland programme. The foundation of any participation is a close cooperation between Cross Mentoring Deutschland and the mentees’ human resources officers and supervisors. Each mentee’s possible goals and expectations are discussed individually without the presence of company superiors and then balanced with the interests of the company itself. Following this mentors with outstanding technical and human competencies are selected by Cross Mentoring Deutschland and proposed to the mentee. Once the matching of mentor and mentee through Cross Mentoring Deutschland, including the approval of the mentee’s company/organisation, has been completed then the work of the mentor and mentee in tandem begins.
The work in tandem lasts one year and during this time a total of 12 meetings between mentor and mentee is planned. If for any reason and contrary to expectations the matching of mentor and mentee does not appear compatible Cross Mentoring Deutschland will propose new tandem partners for the mentee.