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Mentees want:
……”out of the box” suggestions and tips, for example how they can
  • avoid corporate blindness
  • better understand and put to use the experience, competence and solutions of in-house staff
  • as executives better motivate former colleagues
  • simultaneously perform technical and human leadership
  • as young executives lead older staff
  • widen their horizons through different leadership cultures
Companies and other organisations want:
  • individual and confidential “out of the box” non-hierarchical leadership management support to be provided to new and mature staff
  • to use Cross Mentoring as an addition to internal measures for younger executives and as a starting tool for qualified staff taking on greater employee management responsibilities
Mentors want:
  • to promote interdisciplinary and sustainable thinking and acting based on individual experiences
  • to gain a better understanding of their own junior staff through a vision of other organisations