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The Cross Mentoring Deutschland programme
features professional executives from various levels of management in companies, organisations and local authorities, who take on the role of mentors and wish to hand on their professional experience. Their competence is wide-ranging and must correspond to the tasks of the individual mentees. The mentors have worked in a diversity of lead management areas, are personally known to Cross Mentoring Deutschland, and, as persons with great professional and personal experience, have often taken broader views and thought “out of the box”. When choosing mentors, Cross Mentoring Deutschland also takes into account aspects such as TOP Employer awards and other high quality training standards. Mentors are neither professional trainers nor professional consultants, instead they have gathered their professional experience on the job, from bottom up, as company owners, managing directors, department heads, team leaders, etc.

Mentees participating in the Cross Mentoring Deutschland programme
are in positions of responsibility both including and excluding personnel responsibilities. They must increasingly take on leadership responsibilities, or have already done so, and they are often working in conditions of leadership change or newly defined task fields.
Participants come from all areas of professional life (administration, acquisition, sales, quality assurance, commercial management, representation, research, human resources ….).

Companies, organisations and local authorities participating in
the Cross Mentoring Deutschland programme come from all branches of industry, commerce, public administration and public life. Number of staff: 10 >150,000.

Each participating customer can put forward a maximum of 3 mentees per programme. For each programme Cross Mentoring Deutschland matches 8-15 tandems (mentor/mentee). There are three programme starts per year, in spring, early summer and autumn.