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Why Cross Mentoring?

Demographic change, global challenges and the pressure of daily decision-making all demand quick, strong, lasting and bold decisions. This is especially true for new and not so experienced executives and staff. The course model proposed by Cross Mentoring Deutschland features non-sector related training offering fresh perspectives generally unavailable to in-house personal development programmes. This aspect enables mentees to address essential themes such as their tasks, worries and fears while remaining administratively independent. Experienced mentors from different branches of activity demonstrate that the business of leadership is the same everywhere and not magic. Thinking and reflecting “out of the box” in tandem with their mentors allows the mentees above all to test their own perceptions and to implement improvements. The result is a much enhanced and authentic leadership performance. Mentors also profit from their insight into the experiences of less mature executives and staff. “Out of the box” Mentor and Protégé can engage themselves eye to eye with trust. An invaluable advantage.