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Cross Mentoring Deutschland: Independent personal development for executives and staff members in companies, organisations and local authorities.

Cross Mentoring Deutschland supports executives and employees challenged with increased managerial responsibilities. Focus is put on the further development of operative staff leadership and managerial competencies through the guidance of independent executives from different business sectors. Cross Mentoring Deutschland provides professional executives as mentors in its cross mentoring programme proposed as a complement to in-house personal development programmes. Companies, organisations and local authorities may book a year course for their young or as yet inexperienced executives and staff. Under the direction of Mario Stadelmann, Cross Mentoring Deutschland has developed a network across all sectors of industry and has been a successful market player since its inception in 2006. So far over 300 executives and staff from over 100 companies, organisations and local authorities have participated.


Office Bremen
Contact: Mario Stadelmann
Tel 0049 421-96 00-545
Tel 0049 4207-98 94 61
Mobil   0049 172 / 440 250 3

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